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to afghanistan's future. >> that designation paves the way for the u.s. and afghanistan to maintain defense long aft u.s. troop withdrawal. secretary clinton is on her way to tokyo. in japan, she'll ask international donors to pledge their support to afghanistan. joining me on the phone from kabul is john wendell, a photographer and time magazine correspondent. how significant is this announcement? >> caller: hi. thanks for having me. i think secretary clinton's use of the word symbol is the keyword here. the enduring partnership was signed on may 2nd between the u.s. and afghanistan. the major non-nato ally announcement was part of that. the announcement, i think, is not so significant when it comes to the day-to-day of the war. what i think it is doing is helping lay the fears o afghanistan's elite that will be abandoned ahead of the 2014 u.s. withdrawal of nato forces and part of an effort to push the taliban back. i think the main reason for the announcement was so the u.s. can point to a concrete move showing its commitment ahead of the tokyo conference you mentioned tomorrow. as part of an
to be one held of a disappointment. that's all for us tonight. >>> from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is early start weekend. an unannounced visit to afghanistan and an impact for troop withdrawal. plus, like a scene from "jaws," the hunt is on to find the sharks before they claim a human life. >>> blame it on the meat. that's what one olympic coach is doing. is one team's diet behind their losses in key contests? >>> it is saturday, july 7th. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. glad you are waking up with us. chances are after you turned on cnn you logged into your computer to do surfing and check your e-mail. come monday, it may not be possible. it turns out there's a nasty virus out there. hundreds of thousands of computers are affected around the world. that means you may not have internet access monday morning. the fbi plans to shut down services to fix it. the scope doesn't matter if you are one of the unlucky ones. what will you do without your internet if you lose it monday? how will you spend your time? can you remember what life was like without it? tweet me@randyk
>> good morning, everyone. thanks so much for getting up with us. hope you had a great day yesterday. a lot of tired people out there this morning. >> but you're watching us and that's good. i'm heather childers. thanks for watching "fox & friends first." >> the top five at 5:00. it is day six of darkness for at least one million people along the east coast. now, some of them aren't expected to get electricity back until sunday. now, to get a good perspective on the scope of these outages check out these before and after aerial images of washington, d.c. this was actually released by nasa. the photo significantly darker on the right following that deadly storm that killed 26 people. >> auto amazing pictures. an insider attack leaves five american soldiers injured outside a nato base in eastern afghanistan. a witness says afghan civilians were talking to the soldiers when a man in an afghan army uniform opened fire with a machine gun. >> iran delivering a disturbing threat to the united states as it holds a new round of war games. iran claiming that it can destroy nearby mi
. >> well, president obama is also talking this morning and he celebrated independence day with 24 u.s. service members as they became u.s. citizens. well, the president also using that ceremony to once again call for what he says is the need for immigration reform. listen to this. >> we remain a nation of laws and we have to remain a nation of immigrants. that's why as another step forward, we're lifting the shadow of deportation from serving -- from deserving young people who were brought to this country as children. that's why we still need a dream act to keep talented young people who want to contribute to our society and serve our country. it's why we need -- why america's success demands comprehensive immigration reform. >> and with the fourth of july holiday now over, it will be a quick return to the presidential campaign in just a few hours, president obama hitting the road as two of mitt romney's biggest supporters will be campaigning for him in the same exact areas that the president is targeting. molly henneberg is live for us in washington now with some more details. good
times the size of manhattan crack apart in august of 2010. the worst u.s. drought in more than half a century has sent food prices skyrocketing as millions of acres of midwest crops indoors scorching temperatures. soybean prices reached a record high wednesday, and corn prices approach the record as many farmers were forced to plow what desiccated corn fields. more than 60 percent of the continental u.s. is in a state of drought with about 1300 counties across dozens of states officially declared natural disaster areas. meat and dairy prices are also expected to rise and the drought could continue to impact food prices into next year. on wednesday, the obama administration called on congress to restore expired disaster programs to help respond. the agricultural secretary call the drought "the most serious situation and about a quarter century" and said he is pressing for rain. for our coverage of extreme weather and its ties to climate change, go to our special page on our website at the banking giant capital one has agreed to pay a fine of $210 million for deceivi
derecchio. they have lots of questions. >> did they use outside crews efficiently. the bottom line d they restore power as quickly as other utilities in. >> reporter: in its own defense, pepco said the derecchio was a big storm not predicted and the utility did the best it could considering. >> this 4.3 million customers that were impacted over 700 miles and 10 states felt the storm as we did. we experienced over 200 wires down, 242 polls that had to be replaced and 214 transformers that had to be replaced. >> reporter: the public service commission is promising tough enforcement if necessary and said now regulations requiring penalties if new standards are not met and should be helpful but it's just beginning the investigation. >> i don't know if there are, if there are violations of our law or regulations. i don't know if there are practices that could be improved or need to be improved. >> reporter: council members and customers who turned up for the hearing are not letting pepco off of the hook. >> and i think it's fine to talk about things like undergrounding and hiring new li
and enjoyable when we didn't use the internet as much as we do today. >>hank you for your responses. keep them rolling in. tweet me at randi kaye cnn. i'll read your responses early in the show. thanks for starting your day with us. we have more ahead on "cnn saturday morning," which starts right now. >>> announcer: from cnn world headquarters, this is "cnn saturday morning." >> we see this as a powerful symbol of our commitment to afghanistan's future. >> unannounced visit to afghanistan and an announcement to impact troop withdrawal. plus, june jobs numbers send investors into panic as the dough plunges over 100 points. why the numbers didn't add up for wall street. >>> a rescue from a hot car. it's not what you think. how an unexpected hitchhiker got stuck. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. it's 7:00 on the east coast. thanks for waking up with us. we begin in afghanistan. secretary of state hillary clinton carried a message on partnership to work with afghanistan well beyond the planned troop pull out. afghanistan is now designated a major non-nato ally. the u.s. will keep up def
aviv. he is visiting the key u.s. ally a place that obama has yet to visit since coming to the white house. i'm healther childers. >> i'm kelly wright. he is spending 36 hours in israel. including prime minister benjamin netanyahu. ahead of his trip he signed a bill reaffirming the united states commitment to israel and the administration announced additional defense funding for the jewish state. molly henneberg is live in washington, d.c. where she has been following all this. critics say the actions were timed to upstage governor's romney's visit. >> the white house says no to that. governor romney says he will not criticize president obama directly while he is overseas but romney has spoken previously while in the u.s. of obama's administration shabby treatment of israel. the israeli people deserve better than what they received from the leader of the free world. he is romney on the plane to israel today. israel is fearful of a nuclear attack by iran and governor romney will make the case he would be tougher with iran than president obama. he said in an interview with an israeli p
the audience to join him. mariel zagunis carries the flag for the u.s., an honor she says is almost surreal. >> so speechless and i'm probably going to cry. >> reporter: around olympic park there is plenty for the public to see and do. workers are putting the finishing touches on the park and competition venues, including the aquatics centre where michael phelps could win more medals than any other olympian in history, phelps not feeling the pressure. >> this is the closure that how many toppings do i want on my sundae, that's what i'm doing. >> reporter: fbi agents are tight and helping keep the olympics secure. this 265-pound wrestler joked, maybe he should be on the security team. >> usually i'm my own security. and all these guys should feel safe because i'm here. >> reporter: the olympic torch is here, too, welcomed by the royals thursday it arrives that stadium tonight. tracie potts, nbc news, london. >>> the first world records of the olympics have already been broken by a legally blind archer. of south korea broke his own records for points in archery's 72 arrow competition. and sou
and shooting investigation, just go to online on whatever device you use for the very latest information on this story. >> heather: you can believe this 100 days left in the race for the white house. it can't get any tighter. a new poll showing president obama and governor romney are all tied up with 46% each. these numbers especially significant looking ahead to november. in nine of the past ten elections, the candidate leading the gallup poll to hundred days out has won the presidency. what about this. it's all tied up. john is a columnist and thanks for joining us. all tied, 46% down to the finish who crosses first and wins november 6th and how? >> obviously we have a lot of game changing events. we have three presidential events. each candidate is going to have a speech laying out the future. the basics of this campaign have been the same for a long time. president obama is the incumbent. everybody knows him. everybody has an opinion on him. he has not crossed 50% of the vote in two key questions in over two years. one, do you believe he deserves reelection and two do you
sent us this picture of the flooding in the hospital's parking garage. you can see just how serious it got. 3 let's go to meteorologist emily gracey for a breakdown... breakdown... of exactly what's happening with these storms tonight. 3 first on fox, someone slams into a new baltimore county speed camera lifting it's entire foundation out of the ground. ground. janice park joins us now to show us the damage. damage.hi jeff,police say what happened in pikesville was áno accident.instead, they say someone jumped a curb...then used thier car to rip this speed camera out of concrete. it happened tuesday n smith avenue.police are still looking for the person who used thier car as a disable a county speed camera that had only been up for about a week.this latest attack...follows several other violeet speed camera attacks over the past year.a fox 5 viewer snapped a picture of a burning speed camera in downtown baltimore. and in linthicum an armed man emerged from the woods...startling a speed camera truck worker with shotgun and sledgehammer: 3 "totally out of the gro
. romney hits back saying the president uses taxpayer money to help his wealthy donors while the middle class struggles. >>> authorities release documents on dozens of phone calls made by the man accused of killing an unarmed black teenager. breaking news in the george zimmerman case. >>> plus if you use hairspray, nail polish or certain other cosmetics you need to hear this. jenna: i'm listening. jon: how the things that keep you looking good might contribute to bringing on a very bad medical condition. it's all "happening now.". jenna: we have a lot of great stories for you today but we start with this fox news alert. brand new information, brand new report on the kidnapping of a boston pastor in egypt. we're glad you're with us, everyone. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. the man who claims to have abducted the reverend michel louis, an american women with their church group and a tour guide claims he is talking to intelligence officials about releasing them but it comes with a condition. now there is word a secret plan might be in the works, this as the abductor else tells the ap h
, we got off the phone a short while ago from a official in the u.s. embassy in cairo. that person maintains line that american authorities are working with egyptian authorities for the safe release of the three. there could be developments in the next few hours but so far nothing new on that. it happened on friday as you said on egypt's sinai peninsula. this mission group was said to be on their way to israel after perhaps a visit to that mt. sinai site when the incident happened. armed bedouin tribes people, boarding the bus and demanding a few people get off. the word we're getting is that the pastor, michel louis offered himself instead of other passengers. he was taken along with that woman, along with their tour guide. the demand is that the uncle of the main leader of this, these hostage-takers should be released from a alexander, egypt jail. he said is being jailed on drug chars. the word we're getting egyptian authorities are not budging yet on that demand, jon. jon: what has been the reaction back home from the pastor's con agation, et cetera? >> you can imagine how conce
on fire fantasies about communists coming up the canal to come get us in the middle of the night, those have been around for a while, in the 1970s and the 1980s. the panama canal was the fast and furious, birth certificate, the president is a secret muslim conspiracy theory of its day. when that panama canal conspiracy theory was lighting up the tin foil hats of the generation ago, it was an ambition politician named ronal reagan who took that issue from the fringe and decide today mainstream it into national mainstream republican politics. he based his presidential campaign in part on this insane idea that the panama canal was basically an american state that we can't let the communists steal this american thing from us. he mainstreamed this paranoid far right fantasy that if we went along with our treaty obligations to let panama run its own canal, then america would seize to exist. we would be destroyed as a nation. if panama got control of the panama canal, that would be the beginning of a very quick and bloody end for america. this worked great for ronald reagan in political terms.
be a reason why the prosecution is looking at this. saying it is good for us, too. >> in that sense they will dissect it. there is an anticipation that mr. zimmerman will testify in his case. any juror who saw this and if he goes to trial and not testify, why didn't he testify under oath? he was not under oath. it is it high stakes and in terms of getting his message across they were affective. steve stove his parents will join gretch with their reaction. jeb bush was at a couple of locations in ohio akron and hamilton, ohio. we hear so much about big government. that's one of the problems today with america. he said mitt romney is the man to fix things. >> policies of higher taxes and government and involvement in the regulatory environment of the economy and deficits where leadership is required to fix them and the president is missing in action created a morass and a dark cloud over our country that can be lifted by restoring american great theness and thos what i believe mitt romney will do on day one. >> gretchin: there is it a lot of discussion based on the president's comment
on different flights back to the u.s. with more, here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: it's not what you expect served in flight. a half-dozen sewing needles found in sandwiches on four, separate delta flights this past sunday. a stunning discovery, raising serious questions about the security of food aboard commercial planes. among the people reporting injuries, a doctor and his son, traveling on separate flights. >> had i taken a big swallow and swallowed that down, i'd have a needle inside. that would be very concerning to me. >> reporter: james tonges also says he ate one of the sandwiches. >> i felt the poke on the top of my mouth. when i pulled it out of my mouth, it was very clear. it was about a one-inch-long straight needle. >> reporter: the u.s.-bound flights originated in amsterdam. federal authorities including the fbi are investigating. trying to learn who had access to the food before it came aboard the plane. the catering company have been removed from flights. and a statement, gate gourmet said, we take this matter very seriously. gate gourmet immediately launched a full
've been talking so much about. it will a tough time for all of us but a tough time for fruits and vegetables. some farmers are rushing to pick crops before they die. growers in burlington, vermont, grabbing heads of lettuce out of the ground so they can still sell them. they say the heat is not just affecting crops though. they are keeping folks at home in the air-conditioning and out of the stores where they can buy some of that lettuce. jon: we're talking about the historic drought affecting much. ground. the crops, and farmers how it will affect all of them. how it will affect the price of food we eat. it is hurting commercial traffic on the mississippi river. the drought is causing some areas to dry up making it too shallow for barges and tugboats to float on parts of the river. in mississippi the river is down to six feet. it is expected to go lower. this time the river was 22 feet deeper. jenna: takes a lot to do that. there is more heat on the way for some of us but others will get some relief. the trouble when you mix those two things together you can get some very big
this tragedy. she's live with us. take us back to what happened in douma on june 29th. >> reporter: the reason why it's taken three weeks to get our hands on that video is because the activists that wanted to shoot it were stuck there for well over a week and it was an ordeal to get the footage from damascus to us here in lebanon. we have to warn that the images are disturbing. the power is out in the streets. the three activists don't dare shine a light. there's a sniper lurking. gunfire in the distance forces them to pick up the pace. the activists are part of the oppositions media operation. they smuggled themselves into the damascus suburb last month and risked their lives to document this. a massacre said to have taken place just hours earlier. among the corpses strewn about, that of a little girl. a man points to one of bodies and says he was executed, a civilian. points to a second corpse and adds this is his cousin, shot because he tried to save him. residents are readying the bodies for burial. blood soaking through the funeral sheets. the names of the deceased scrawled. it's a grim r
% of the continental u.s. that's the highest in at least 12 years. president obama set out today on a two-day campaign bus tour that will take him from ohio to western pennsylvania. two battleground states that will decide which way the election goesment we have two campaign 2012 reports tonight. first norah o'donnell with the president, norah? >> reporter: anthony, we're here in northern ohio which is part of america's rust belt, where the president is trying to make the case that it's his policies that have saved jobsment but you also get the sense that he's here in order to make sure that low voter enthusiasm doesn't cost him a second term. >> i'm betting you're not going to lose interest. i'm betting you're to the going to lose heart. >> reporter: traveling in a bulletproof bus nick named ground force one, the president is visiting the heavily populated communities of northern ohio. because these are all areas which voted democratic in 2008. and he will need that same strong voter turnout to win the state again. this is a region dependent on auto manufacturing. the president visited a nearby chrys
the club is just one business. >> i actually use the word cooling center. i said treat us as a cooling center. those people without electricity could have been coming here. >> as sunday turned to monday and monday turned to tuesday, pepco was nowhere to be found. >> all i could think, when this is all over, they will hear from us. >> they have been without power since friday w. a tree branch stripped a power line from their home. but no number of calls to pepco can convince them their home is not connected. >> 14 or 15 calls at least. and how many times have they told you that your power is back on? >> that started yesterday. at least six calls they've told me your power is up and going. everybody has their power. >> james says he is trying to maintain his composure, but he is now at his wit's end. >> it drives me nuts. they argue with me on the phone. >> two cars were destroyed and a home scorched when power lines were energized by mistake, lineman have strung new lines and power was restored last night. >>> and the general manager of the club is telling me that pepco is tell
into some trouble because they used code words with his wife to move money around. they thought they were being clever like take 75 cents out of the bank account. you fool! everybody knows it is a code word. it is not actually 75 cents. he's using code words to describe a benefactor that apparently according to him offered to pay his legal defense fund. who is it? sean hannity. now that's a story that global broke. we'll duke them in a second. remember zimmerman's original attorneys, when they were quitting the case, they said this. >> we learned he had called sean hannity of fox news directly, not through us and we believe i can't confirm this, we believe he spoke directly with sean. off the record. he's not even willing to tell us what our client told him. >> cenk: that's interesting. then sean hannity actually went on air and talked about his private conversations with george zimmerman as well. >> for a few weeks we have been pursuing an interview with mr. zimmerman to give him a chance to tell hi
>>> good morning to you. thank you for being with us. i'm carol costello. >>> we begin today in bulgaria, still reeling from what the nation's interior minister says was a suicide bombing on a bus filled with israeli tourists. new developments continue to come in to cnn, but here's what we know right now. new security footage shows a man who bulgarian officials say is responsible for the attack. you see him there. in a surprising twist, this man was carrying a michigan driver's license, which fbi officials have now identified as a fake. seven people confirmed dead in the attack, including the bomber. 36 others wounded. three of them serious. let's bring in our reporter on the ground in bulgaria. let's talk about this fake michigan driver's license. any idea how this man got a hold of it? >> reporter: we really don't know. and of course we can't even tell whether or not he is american, if it's a fake i.d. all we really know is what we see on that security camera video that's come in from the airport. and basically it shows a man who could be an ordinary backpacker tourist. and
out these types of massacres. it's difficult for us to determine fact exactly what is happening because the government is not allowing us access into the country. it continues to claim it is fighting these terrorist organizations with some sort of foreign agenda. >> that's why this tape was so important to underscore the humanitarian crisis and tragedy at the same time. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >>> we've got a lot more to cover this hour. take a look. still in clues, still no answers. >> it's just baffling to try to figure out the pieces to the puzzle. looking at it, it doesn't make any sense. >> it's as though they disappeared in thin air in broad daylight. >> family members brace for the worst. >>> two armed men storm into a florida cafe ordering everyone to the ground. just when you thought that was the end of it, this guy comes to the rescue. >>> another unbelievable rescue caught on video. a 7-year-old girl falls from a third story window right into the armies of a hero. >> she was still standing there. i just positioned myself. hopefully i would catch her. i'm
major non-nato ally. the u.s. will keep up defense, security and economic relations with afghanistan even after the withdrawal. >> i am pleased to announce today that president obama has officially designated afghanistan as a major non-nato ally of the united states. we see this as a powerful symbol of our commitment to afghanistan's future. >> afghanistan joins nations like japan and australia on the non-nato list. shortly after the announcement, clinton and karzai left for japan for a meeting of international donors. before heading to afghanistan, secretary of state clinton was in paris. leaders are searching for a solution to the bloodshed in syria at the hands of assad's regime. russia and china opposed efforts to have asaid removed from power. >> i will tell you frankly, i don't think russia and china believe they are paying any price at all. nothing at all for standing up on behalf of the assad regime. the only way that will change is if every nation represented here directly and urgently makes it clear that russia and china will pay a price. >> clinton argued
, is joining us. we're also waiting for ana navarro. the typical politics surrounding this event, as i've been reading through and other times that joe biden has spoken at various events, i wonder what he's going to say and if he's going to cause a stir in biden's style. >> well, as you know, joe biden is quite capable of giving a very strong and capable speech. this is an audience that he is familiar with. as chairman for many years, joe biden championed equality for women and other minorities. this is an opportunity to talk about the presidential record on those issues and the president record on the economy and the affordable care act and how it helps other families, how to help small businesses and people with pre-existing conditions and other americans. so i think joe biden will respond to mitt romney but on his purpose today is to remind this audience of what president obama has accomplished in the area of civil rights and equal justice for all americans. >> so ana navarro, i know you were joining us on this conversation, we're waiting for joe biden to step up to the mike. what do you th
were joining us on this conversation, we're waiting for joe biden to step up to the mike. what do you think about president obama sending joe biden to this event? >> well, you know, vice presidents are good for a few things. you send them to the burials of foreign leaders and the places you don't want to go. we were just seeing pictures from a few minutes ago at the auditorium and there's a lot of empty seats. i don't know if it's biden or -- people seem to be running late for joe biden today. i think that might explain some of the delay. there's a lot of empty chairs in that room right now. >> well, ladies, i am going to please ask you to stand by while those seats do get filled and they obviously get the lights ready for joe biden to step up to the mikes there at the naacp. donna, ana, stay with me. we will join the speech and we'll talk about it afterwards. in >>> meanwhile, it's damming, it's scathing, and it's what a lot of people already suspected. we're talking about louis freeh and his investigation into the jerry sandusky case. his report just issued a short while ago reveals
will use comparisons to ancestors alive today. not everyone is happy. we eleven you with that. here is shepard. >>shepard: thank you very much. the news begins anew on "studio b." russian and china stops action against the murderous regime in syria. like it would have helped. and it sparked strong words from the united states. that is ahead. and a new jobless report claims that fueling fears of economic slow down is upon us. but, the jobs data may have more to do with seasonal changes not auto industry. context and perspective coming up. a new investigation into mr. hot tub's former organization. the general services administration accused of spending nearly $300,000 on an awards ceremony. >> that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, syrian state media today released pictures report reportedly showing president bashar al-assad alive after a bomb killed members of the inner circle. president bashar al-assad is shown swearing in the new defense minister but did not report when or where. we cannot confirm t
're giving up on one thing and unfortunately for us, that thing is dressage videos. you might remember yesterday we showed you this video put out by the dnc of romney dancing around the issues. >> when you release yours will you follow your father's example? >> maybe. [ laughter ] i don't know how many years i'll release. i'll take a look at what our documents are. >> turns out ann romney was offended since she uses horse training as part of her therapy for multiple sclerosis. the d next c says it is sorry. it had no intention of offending ann romney and it will not put out anymore horse videos. more bill press after the break and we're live in chat, few others are going. >>it doesn't get anymore real than this. >>occupy! >>we will have class warfare. >>i'm being violated by the health-care system. >>we're patrolling the area looking for guns, drugs, bodies. >>we go in and spend a considerable amount of time getting to know the people and the characters that are actually living these stories. >>the award winning series "v
will take a look at the technology that one please department is going to be using to enforce that message. and before the holiday has begun, san francisco please have their hands full with homemade explosives. we will have details on this a first a quick look at weather and traffic. >> james: happy fourth of july and this is what the weather is going to be like today. that is going to be the kind whether we will enjoy all day today in a matter when you are. we will start off with some low clouds and patchy fog, but we are off to a pretty good start. this afternoon expect a lot of sunshine and out to warm temperatures around the bay with even hot conditions in and hit temperatures in the 80s and 90s and this evening will keep the mamie clear and mild as we head into the evening hours. we will have a more detailed forecast of what to expect now wants to traffic. >> george: we have an easy ride around the bay area no problems here. >> darya: good morning and thank you george, the search continues for four missing children that authorities believe are in danger. their mother, stepfather and b
the procurement process using the phone equipment. >> what do i want a response to her comment. the contract saves the city money. >> in motion for a new phone system contract with ibm was -- >> the attorney for julius henson wants his client released from jail. his attorney filed a request citing the health of henson's mother. he is serving a 60-day jail sentence. a judge has denied that request. -- will learn the before the findings are release, at several key figures are defending themselves in the court of public opinion. we have the latest from state college, pennsylvania. >> as jerry sandusky sits in a jock, some 08 another verdict. >> the mandate is clear. >> and state hired louis free -- ree. state hired louis fo >> this examination will look into any gaps and -- >> the report is expected to be critical of joe paterno. sandusky was seen showering with a young boy in the coaches' locker room. the late coach is a family is already on the defensive. also posted to the website was a letter written by joe paterno in the final weeks of his life. he said, i feel compelled to say that this is not
government is important, but guess what we pay for that, that's what our taxes do. you're not doing us a favor, that's what our taxes do, that's what we expect our taxes to do. to your point about gingrich i call it the krauthammer principle. conservatives love him because he reflects an intellectual version of what they believe in their hearts, he gives voice to those words. if romney is going to do what he wants to do and win the presidency he's going to have to do what gingrich did and what krauthammer does ever night and make conservatives stronger about their own views and repeat them. megyn: he took it to a more big-picture level and went on the offense against the president about who the president is and what his ideology is about america and what the future of america will be. we heard mitt romney talk about barack obama's version of america, but it's been more along the lines of platitudes. yesterday he took it to this is a change election, a critical-type election where you'll determine what kind of america we live n. is that the more successful line for governor romney? >> i
of that for you. thomas. >> kristin welker stay with us. i'll bring in our political power panel. we have perry bacon, msnbc contributor and political editor. ted strickland and also hogan gidly. it's great to have all of you with me and i want sto start with perry. this is really a strong message coming out of the romney campaign. the most coordinated response yet to the president's bain attacks, and certainly time is of the essence on this one, perry. but is it enough to change the narrative in romney's favor? >> i don't think it is. i mean, you saw on friday he did five interviews with every outlet, every major network and he didn't address the questions about his tax returns or exactly when he left bain. i mean, it's unusual you do five interviews all over the place in terms of exposure but still don't answer the core questions. i almost feel like he name a vice presidential nominee to change the subject right now. >> as perry mentioned, we have the five different interviews on friday then the sunday talkers and the advisers, the staffers, they have taken to the tv to really try to hammer b
we have much more and we thank you for sharing. and i want to thank billie jean for singing us to our break and appreciate him being here for us in d.c. that's it for me from washington and kelly wright and jamie colby, have a great day everybody. >> fox news alert for you to get this, a dangerous and deadly heat wave peaking across the country and many people in triple digit temperatures right now. hi, everyone, hope you're cooling off, i'm jamie colby. >> jamie: i'm kelly wright. a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. and so far, the heat claiming more than a dozen lives in recent days. in i go sh chicago, the city is conducting wellness checks on older and more vulnerable residents and neighbors of a 58-year-old man say they didn't know he was in trouble until it was too late. >> and he likes, you know, to talk to people and always said hi, enjoy the weather. >> it was supposed to come outside and he didn't come outside. >> chief meteorologist fox news is live in the fox weather center with more details and the latest on the heatwave, and good to see you. >> s
. and sailors on a u.s. navy ship fire on a boat in the persian killing one. and injured three others. the navy reports the boat ignored the warnings. details are coming up. and officials in florida release 140 recordings of george zimmerman's phone call and what the man who killed the central central seen age said just ahead. >> and shopping on the internet may be about to get more expensive. online sales tax reportedly coming to everyone. that's all ahead. unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the republican presidential candidate, mitt romney accuseing president obama of favoring his big political donors while ignoring the struggling middle class. >> this is a tough time for the people of america but if you are a campaign contributor to president obama your business could stand to make, or get billions or hundreds of millions from cash from the government. it is wrong. >>shepard: romney campaign has been on the defensive after obama campaign claimed the governor was not being honest about his time as head of the investment b
sister starts screaming. a packed show ahead. trayvon martin's parents will show us along with their attorney and former syrian general a kill ha shem is our guest and michael nter and rex ryan, plus the producer of the new bat man movie and it is thursday, july 19th. "starting point" begins right now. >>> hi, everybody. welcome. "starting point" this morning is george zimmerman in his own words. this morning the man that shot and killed trayvon martin sat down for his first television interview. it happened last night on fox news. zimmerman said what happened was all god's plan. >> do you regret getting out of the car to follow trayvon that night. >> no, sir. >> do you regret you had a gun that night? >> no, sir. >> do you feel you wouldn't be here for this interview if you didn't have that gun? >> no, sir. >> you feel you would not be here? >> i feel that it was all god's plan and for me to second guess it or judge it -- >> is there anything you might do differently in retrospect now that time has passed a little bit? >> no, sir. >> joining us this morning criminal defen
russia and china on the record, vetoing this resolution and, then, to try to shame them as u.s. arch to ambassador to the u.n. did. ought security coin has -- counsel has failed in its important task this year. this is another dark day in turtle bay. one can only hope that one day, before too many thousands more die, that russia and china will stop protecting assad. and allow this council to play its proper role at the center of the international response to the crisis in syria. >>jonathan: the truth of the matter is, does, in its failure to come to agreement on what to do about syria, the united nations has in essence, left itself irrelevant to events on the ground. >>shepard: there are those who suggest time is running out given the attack yesterday and the word from so many that the regime seems to be crumbling. >>jonathan: the events are moving so fast that is why diplomats are irrelevant to what is going on. president bashar al-assad seems to have two choices: flee or fight. for the moment, given the violence we have seen perpetrated against the rebels today in damascus, he is c
what kristen was mentioning to us, the president kicking off his bus tour tomorrow. pawlenty and jindal will bracketing with him and rob portman as well, traveling to new hampshire this weekend. no word if he'll be meeting with romney. where do we stand in terms of the what's the messaging we're looking for going forward as the president goes out there and tries to make the message, put the message out there, that romney is a jobs expovertier? >> of course, the message that the obama campaign has been pushing hard from the very beginning is attacking mitt romney's record at bain capital. and as controversial as that tactic has been from both republicans and democrats, most notably corey booker and bill clinton, that's really the lane that the obama campaign is staying in. and they're sort of attacking bain capital from every angle they can find, their latest political attack ad against romney focused on bain capital investing in companies that ship jobs overseas. and that's -- i think it's a strategy that's really been working for the obama campaign. he's been able to paint romney as so
of warm temperatures. the good news is, the trend is favorable for us here. our temperatures won't be as hot today as yesterday. and we will gradually take the risk of showers and thunderstorms out of the forecast as we get closer to the weekend. today another day where we'll see at least the possibility of scattered showers and storms this morning. nice and quiet on radar. not expecting issues with the morning commute. most of the morning nice and dry. mid- to late afternoon when we'll have to look out for the development of additional showers and storms. high temperatures only in the upper 80s and low 90s. that's a little better, with scattered storms by 4:00 p.m. good looking weekend. i'll have that coming up in a minute. let's do traffic and lauren demarco has the latest. good morning. >> good morning. things looking good on the roads as well. we have some volume in the usual stretches, but not major accidents or incidents this hour. route 50 inbound delays approaching the bw parkway. live look from trafficland at the roads in virginia, 395 starting to slow leaving the beltwa
picture from downtown baltimore from on top federal hill. it's friday, the 13th. thanks for joining us. >> all right. lauren cook is here with the weather or traffic you are doing the weather. >> we could switch. >> lc. >> do that. >> i would like to see that. >> do it one day. >> we will have to. >> we will see how that works out. today i will do the weather for you and that was a beautiful shot on federal hill. we are dealing with clouds, baltimore is so beautiful. take advantage of today but you might need the rain gear. i will tell you why because maryland's most powerful radar dry. we see showers off towards the south and west. and that's the scenario basically all morning. so, be prepared for some of the moto work its way in here. i am hoping that it will fizzle out once it hits the mountains but some of it could hold together. if your travels take you into the wet weather this morning just be prepared for that because we are seeing heavier rains just to the south of clarksburg and north of beckly. that's what we are contending with this morning. we are dealing with some milder t
of the stand your graund law. you can't run after somebody and stand your ground and use deadly force. it is also an issue before the jury trial, a judge can decide this issue in florida. it is huge. obviously he talked to his lawyer and he has to be careful about what he says about whether he followed trayvon martin. it is the pivotal issue pretrial and if he gets to trial. >> his attorney says they may not use stand your ground. they may just use a basic self-defense. here is another chunk with sean hannity and he has before you hear this chunk he has described in great detail about the fight and the wrestle for the gun. >> uh-huh. >> do you remember when you yourself reached for your weapon? do you remember that moment? >> yes, sir. >> how was that? >> at that point i realized that it wasn't my gun, it wasn't his gun, it was the gun. >> i feel like there was some point that he was trying to make, i wasn't sure that i fully understood it. what message was that supposed to be about not my gun but the gun? >> well, exactly. keep in mind in the first court appearance he said he didn't
campaign trail and he used it to urge voters in ohio to the as tie breakers in what he called the "stalemate," in washington, an appeal to the independents who often decide elections. he stopped off to sample the eats in cincinnati, and today he claimed to have kept his promise of four years ago to cut taxes for the middle class. >> i want all the resolution to notice that. because sometimes you hear all these crazy accusations that obama is raising taxes, burdening, no, here are the facts: middle class families your taxes have gone down. $3,600 since i have been in office. >> governor romney attending church services in new hampshire held fast on a plan to release only one additional year's worth of tax returns and challenged the president to release the operation fast and fewer out documents that he has used executive privilege to withheld from congress. and romney campaign released a web only video which accuses president obama of rewarding politically connected companies, bundlers and donors with stimulus funds, government jobs and contracts. >> when people accuse you of a
overdrive and arms his opponent, mitt romney, with new political ammunition to use against him. look at this. unemployment is stuck at 8.2%. and only 80,000 jobs added in june. the numbers are even worse when you look at minorities. we're covering all sides of this dramatic political story. our own dan lothian and dana bash, they are both standing by live. but first cnn's poppy harlow breaks down the numbers. >> hi there, wolf. i think the headline for this jobs report is disappointing. only 80,000 jobs created in the month of june. unemployment stays at 8.2%. we need to be creating somewhere between 300,000 and 400,000 jobs a month pretty consistently to bring that rate down. issues here 12.7 million americans still unemployed in this country. 5.4 million of them have been out of work for six months or longer. the longer you're out of work, the longer it takes you to find a job. that is a problem. also very key here. 2.5 million people are not counted in this unemployment rate at all. they can work, but they have stopped looking for work. so they're not counted in the unemploy
's disappointing overall and even more troubling for african-americans. plus, a u.s. veteran who lost both legs in iraq now embroiled in a rather nasty house race against an incumbent who first suggested she's not a true war hero. tammy duckworth is here in "the situation room" to respond. >>> also, a millionaire's apparent suicide just seconds after he's convicted of arson. what may have caused this shocking end to a life seemingly spinning out of control? >>> and great white shark spottings heightened. fears along the cape cod area. our own brian todd is on a boat with experts trying to track them down. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >>> right now a disappointing jobs report kicks off day two of president obama's bus tour into overdrive and arms his opponent, mitt romney, with new political ammunition to use against him. look at this. unemployment is stuck at 8.2%. and only 80,000 jobs added in june. the numbers are even worse when you look at minorities. we're covering all sides of this dramatic political story. our own dan lothian and dana bash, they are both standing by
% of adults in the u.s. are obese. so this is something that could affect millions of people. not everybody thinks it's a good idea. senior medical correspondent elizabethdetails. ma do we know about the effectiveness? >> that's what everyone wants no know, how much weight will i lose if i take this drug? by the way, i want to be clear, the fda is expected to rule on it today. it's not yet been approved. it's expected they'll approve it. you never quite know what the fda is going to do. let's talk about what weight loss people would expect. in the studies this were looking at obese people. average weight of 227 pounds and people got down to an average of 204 pounds. so that's about a 23 pound weight loss right there and they kept it off for about two years. and so that's actually pretty good compared to some other diet pills. >> what does this pill actually do? do we know? >> does two things. one, it has an appetite suppress sent which was half of the old fen fen combination. the safer half. the other half makes you feel fuller faster. so you don't eat as much and you feel fuller faster. an
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